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From Anna Kristina concerts:

"How a live concert SHOULD sound!
What a pleasure.  Anna Kristina and her band of all-star musicians took the stage and had the street rocking from the first downbeat.  Her charm and charisma were only outdone by her at times lyrical, at times gutsy, at times brassy renditions of original and classic jazz and rock tunes. ("For What It's Worth" had us on the verge of tears: amazing).  The guys in the band were with her throughout and played with the truth and energy of musicians who loved what they were doing and who respected the artistry of the lady in front of them.  For what it's worth (pun intended) it was the best jazz performance of the day.  Wished it could have lasted a lot longer."
~ from her performance at the Fillmore Jazz Festival

”Anna is a rare talent who combines professionalism, passion and versatility.  Whether it's acoustic jazz, pop soul, or rock, she brings an authenticity and pitch-perfect energy to her performance.  I hand selected her to contribute to a progressive rock version of a Tori Amos cover that my band recorded and her performance elevated the piece to a superlative level, the emotion and passion in her voice bringing to life the raw pain of the song in a way that required a soul-baring honesty and commitment to her art.  Anna Kristina is the real deal.”
~ Nick van Dyk - guitarist and songwriter of Metal Blade recording artist “Redemption”

I have had the privilege of listening to Anna sing on many different occasions.  From acoustic country in our living room to rock and soul on the main stage, Anna connects with each and every person in the audience through her voice; it is rich, colorful and unlike any other. She is a force to be reckoned with.
~ Jessica

“No matter the occasion Anna connects with the audience not only with her soulful singing but also with her quick wit and charm. Anna is a rare breed of vocalists who can cover Gershwin, Aretha, and Led Zeppelin! She's not just an amazing singer, she's an entertainer.  If she's on stage, there will be fun had by all!”
~ Joey Alman - Television Host/Cookbook Author/Guitarist

“Anna Kristina brings so many great ‘tools’ to every type of performance she undertakes—whether it’s her uber-ultra versatility as a singer of multiple styles—from swingin’ cocktail fare to what I call ‘melodic funk,’ or from jazz to ballads. But WHAT she does almost (but not quite!) takes a backseat to HOW she does it.  No singer, and I truly mean NO singer, can ‘run’ a show like this girl...She always knows what the next tune should be, always anticipates whatever the audience needs, in short, as Chaka Khan has said ‘Ain’t Nobody’ pleases a crowd in so many ways like Anna.”
~ Bob Sarlatte - Actor/Comedian/Singer/Entertainment Producer

“Anna has a real magnetism on stage and an honest quality to her voice. She's got sass and spunk, but can sing ballads and jazz-inflected repertoire with great conviction and integrity. Always a pleasure.”
~ Jason Olaine, A&R Director, Verve Music Group

"If ever there was a sapphire at Harrah's, it was "Anna in the Sapphire Lounge." More than a talented vocalist with an extensive repertoire, she and her band Session 2 lit up the room with her exuberance and made us feel we were in the Showroom."
from her performance at Harrah’s

Anna Kristina photo

From her performances with Zepparella:

As mentioned in the San Francisco Bay Guardian "Weekly Picks" about Anna's performance with Zepparella at San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill:
“Bay Area artist Anna Kristina holds down the golden god's vocal acrobatics like it's easy.”

“The vocals (and harmonica parts) are done by Anna Kristina... almost an impossible task to come close with Robert Plant's vocal use - well, check out Zepparella's front lady and make up your mind. I'm sure you will be astonished!”
~Stefan from “Metal to Infinity”

“I like the vocals of Anna Kristina more than the ones from Robert Plant. By the way, she's also a good harmonica player.”
~ From

From performances is Plays and Musicals:

From her performance in “Goin Dot Com!”
“Anna Kristina is outstanding in the role of Stacey. She is primarily known for singing with her band through the past seven years, but she is now on the acting track. She has a scorching voice!”
~ Talkin' Broadway. For full review click here

Also from “Goin Dot Com!”
“Ms. Kristina wins the audience over with her heartfelt, breathy blues.”
~ Review from the Red Herring

From her performance in “Sperm Warfare”
“Anna Kristina's performance would make even Lucille Ball laugh!”


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